#29 Liene Egle

Tonight’s episode of Kahepaikne takes us very close to home, as our guest is Liene, a semiotics student from Valmiera in the northern part of Latvia. Her being Latvian gave us an opportunity to explore neighbourly relations in this part of the world. We explored topics like whether Latvians have six toes, why on earth do Latvians think Estonians are slow, how did the Latvians manage to have colonies in the Americas and West Africa and Estonians didn’t (and whether the fact that they had colonies is something to be proud of or not), and a lot of other stuff regarding things that differentiate Estonians and Latvians, but also of the numerous things that unite us, like the song and dance festivals, the respective national awakening movements, and of course the singing revolution, during which we brought about the disintegration of the Soviet Union by singing a lot.