Framework #37 19.04.2015

This edition of framework:afield has been produced in the Philippines by Dayang Yraola. For more information see


framework #36 05.04.2015

This edition features work by Atilio Doreste, Jim Haynes, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Ubeboet, Yannick Dauby, and an intro by Jeremy Hegge.

framework #35 29.03.2015

This edition of framework:afield has been produced by regular contributor Keith De Mendonca. For more information see his soundcloud page at


Framework #34 22.03.2015

This regular edition features works by Angélica Castelló, Ujjaya, Ian J. Cole, Jeremy Hegge, Porsje Rosołowe, and an introduction recorded in Irish by Eric Boivin.

Framework #32 08.03.2015

framework #502

The third of three shows celebrating our recent landmark, framework500. Featuring sounds from the anniversary release and from the Aporee Soundmaps, as well as a framework introduction recorded in Belgium by Hitoshi Kojo.

Framework #30 22.02.2015

framework #500!

Track notes:

räpina paberivabrik ::: making this paper ::: 05:00
jeph jerman ::: prayer wheel ::: 06:06
loren chasse ::: moonlight on the villages ::: 07:43
matteo uggeri & luca bergero ::: paper blocks ::: 06:56
felicity ford ::: fermenting madder ::: 06:55
eamon sprod ::: rock pool: blanket bay ::: 07:26
murmer ::: signal from the dam ::: 08:06
scott sherk ::: 9 steel stele ::: 05:49
peter cusack ::: milking a camel ::: 03:21
keith berry ::: bay of trujillo ::: 07:17
maria balabas, mihai balabas & nicolas triboi ::: la madeleine sonore ::: 10:07
asmus tietchens ::: deb 1b ::: 03:38
keith de mendonca ::: echo ::: 06:30
martin clarke ::: varanasi ::: 04:20
maksims šenteļevs ::: river styx ::: 10:46
kodama ::: cauldron ::: 14:24
dallas simpson ::: tunnel improvisation (edited mix extract) ::: 06:11
eric cordier ::: les gardiens de la forêt ::: 07:14
jonathan coleclough ::: köln fork ::: 04:28
ben owen ::: stairwell bergen st ::: 07:01
toy.bizarre ::: title ::: 04:30
jim haynes ::: we feared there was an unfortunate woman amongst them ::: 07:01
thomas tilly :::mycelial path ::: 09:06
jean-luc guionnet ::: what happened? ::: 10:31
emmanuel mieville ::: ascenseur en montée ::: 09:46
jez riley french ::: dorset circle (extract) ::: 08:27
joel stern ::: follow that ice-cream truck (java) ::: 05:54
richard garet ::: shaped water ::: 07:14
simon whetham ::: the other side of the hall ::: 05:19
phill niblock ::: crick ::: 11:07
studio.tartuensis ::: printing these words ::: 05:00

Framework #29 15.02.2015

framework #499

This edition of framework:afield, entitled ‘train’, has been produced in germany by regular contributor d. l. lutz. notes from the producer:

This earscape mainly features field recordings from a long-distance train in Germany going from Hamburg Main Station to Berlin Main Station, passing small towns, forests and river Elbe, meeting and overtaking other trains, allowing to hear horses and birds in the meadows, moving very slow and very fast… This ride is compiled for everyone who suffers from wanderlust and likes wind and track noises and bad conductor’s announcements because it reminds him / her of the pleasant, unburdened state of travelling. But without the visual information that the carriage window provides, the typical train sounds of metal, speed and echoes of the surroundings develop an unfamiliar, and often mysterious, life of its own.

By superimposing fragments of the fascinating two-hour post-modern composition “Music For Checking Emails” by Wolfgang Mitterer from Austria, the atmospheric, suspended, reminiscential aspect is increased. Mitterers topic is a different one, but his work is also dealing with the fragmented surface of this modern world – which happens to be an acoustical fit that works surprisingly well. Listen loud and have a good journey!

D. L. Lutz, born 1969 in Germany, is a practising architect, writer and sound artist living in Berlin.