Fonoteek Hip Hop Especial 02.11.2018


1.gravediggaz – here comes the gravediggaz
2.gurunnerz – lyrical breakdown
3.finsta bundy – fuck the bullshit
4.cypress hill – wanna get high
5.mental castaways – swing it to the jazz
6.mannish – impact of my insanity
7.J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E. – 3 the hard way
8.funkdoobiest – xxx funk
9.frankie cutlass – the cypher part III
10.da dysfunkshinal familee – far from avarage
11.ghetto conspiracy – change the name
12.smooth criminal – something to hip
13.GZA – shadoboxin
14.gravediggaz – 1-800 suicide

Fonoteek #6


1.The Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing

2.True Widow – Back Shredder

3.Deap Valley – Royal Jelly

4.Danny and The Darlenes – Bug Out Bag

5.The Wytches – Cant Face It

6.Korn – The Hating

7.Helmet – Dead To The World

8.Pixies – Talent

9.Warpaint – Dre

10.The Pop Group – Heaven?

11.Pixies – Um Chagga Lagga

12.Iggy Pop – Break In To Your Heart

13.Lee “Scratch” Perry – House Of Sin (remix)

14.Go Away Bird – Painkiller

Fonoteek #5 01.07.2016

1.Radiohead – Burn the witch
2.Dj Shadow – Nobody Speak
3.Red Hot Chili peppers – Dark Necessities
4.Garbage – Empty
5.Psychoterror – Edes Anna
6.Frankie Animal – Kickdrum
7.Go Away Bird – Drinking party in the train compartment
8.A Giant Dog – Sleep when dead
9.The Kills – Bitter fruit
10.Twin Peaks – Butterfly
11.The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Mr.Wright
12.Melvins – The decay of lying
13.Swans – People like us