Kahepaikne #27 13.11.2018

Tonight’s episode of Kahepaikne will take us on a journey to the southernmost part of continental Europe, as our guest this week is Carlos from Andalusia. He’s actually one of those expats who had been to Estonia several times before moving here. We find out how that came to be, what is Youth Europa, talk a lot about the history of Spain, from the islamic conquest of Iberia to El Cid (and Charlton Heston) to the Spanish Civil War and up until the very recent events in Catalonia. Additionally we listened to some very cool music, spoke about cuisine, cultures and life in general. Should also note that my only co-host during this episode was a bottle of Tõmmu Hiid (because Mart and Silver were preoccupied with other stuff), and due to running into some technical issues, the episode is a bit shorter than usual.

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