Kahepaikne # 26 16.10.2018

Recently we discovered, to our surprise, that we haven’t yet interviewed a single person from any neighbouring country. So this week we’re rectifying that, as our guest tonight, Radmila, hails from our sizeable eastern neighbour, Russia. Radmila is one half of the electronic(although she doesn’t really like the concept of genres) duo Delicate Features, who are currently in Estonia with the Tartu Artist in Residence programme. Interestingly enough, one of the main reasons for coming here was their interest in Seto folk music, which they’ve now, after spending time with the Setos in Southern Estonia, used as inspiration for the recordings they’ve made here. On the show we listened to several of their songs and talked about what the music scene is like in St. Petersburg compared to Tartu. We also learned about Radmila’s Armenian heritage and how does one become part of a Baltic folk-music-inspired Armenian-Russian electronic duo. Check out the episode to find out!

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