Kahepaikne #25 02.10.2018

This week’s episode of Kahepaikne takes us once more into the majestic Middle-East, as our guest tonight, Paria, hails from Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Whilst most things we hear about Iran in the news today concern war, terrorism, and nuclear programmes, we chose to steer clear of politics and media depictions, and focus on what this historic country is actually like from the perspective of an individual. Paria told us what it’s like to live in a city with about 14 million inhabitants (pretty much unimaginable for Estonians), and how it feels to then move to Tartu, which has a population of barely 100 000 people. Naturally, we spoke also a bit about the long history of the region, which has seen the rule of the Achaemenid, Alexander the Great, the Seleucids, the Parthians and the Sasanians (the list goes on). By the way, did you know that even nowadays there are people in Iran who still practice the old Persian religion of Zoroastrianism? Other topics included cuisine (of course), the weather, the traffic in Tehran, and the Iranian New Year (hint: it’s not January 1st).

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