Kahepaikne #23 21.08.2018

Tonight’s episode takes us to a peculiar corner of Europe, dubbed by Western media often as „Europe’s last dictatorship.“ Yes, it’s Belarus, and our guest is none other than Yauhen, a legend among the expats of Tartu. Yauhen’s been here, with slight breaks here and there, since 2012, and he is about to finish his second degree in the University of Tartu. We spoke at length on how he came here, where else he’s lived besides Belarus and Estonia, and, of course, what’s it like to live in a country that still does a lot of things in the old Soviet way (meaning Belarus, not Estonia). Additionally, we found out what a „subotnik“ is, what’s the difference between Russian and Belarussian (both nationality-wise and linguistically), and were provided with some recipes for classic Belarussian samagon (moonshine) and a cold soup called chaladnik. Check it out!

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