Kahepaikne #22 10.07.2018

This episode of Kahepaikne focuses on a country that is more than sixty times smaller than Estonia, although of course, the population is still about five times higher (I guess Estonians just don’t like children, or what?). The island country of Singapore lies in Southeast Asia, neighboured by Indonesia and Malaysia, and our guests for this episode, Alvin and Ken, hail from there. These guys have both been living here for a while, so they have a lot of expert insight on the Tartu experience. However, the most interesting parts of this episode are certainly those concerning their heritage, as Singapore is apparently pretty different from Estonia. For example, did you know that there’s a chewing gum ban in place since 1992, and also that it is illegal to not flush after using the toilet? On a more serious matter, we spoke on the topic of identity construction in a country that consists of several large groups of people with different languages and cultures, and how Singapore has dealt with such issues. Fascinating stuff, all in all, so check it out!

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