Kahepaikne #21 26.06.2018

Agnieszka Kunz has been in Estonia for over 5 years. She was born and raised on the northern coastline of Poland and briefly spent some years in Germany in her childhood. Her Erasmus experience took her to Latvia but secretly she longed for some place colder and more isolated. That’s why she decided to come to Estonia as a volunteer and luckily landed in Tartu to work at a children’s center – little did she know that working with kids would help her master the local language fairly easily. For the past years she’s been getting more involved with the Printing Museum (Trükimuuseum) and all the signs show that now she’s stuck in this country for good. Agnieszka talks about Polish food, art, music and movies and opens up about her personal life as well. We also find out how living in Estonia has made her feel more Polish than ever before.

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