Kahepaikne #19 29.05.2018

Tonight’s episode takes us to a land with a rich history and heritage, Serbia. Our guest this evening is Ivan, a young aspiring folklorist from the rural north of Serbia, currently strolling on the streets of Tartu with his long hair flowing in the wind. He is our first guest ever from the Balkans, and we discussed topics ranging from the relatively particular linguistic situation in the Balkans, the fascinating and varied architecture of the Serbian capital city, Belgrad, to music and (of course) cuisine. So if you want to know why everyone seemingly hates each other in that part of the world, what is turbofolk (a particularly interesting genre of music), and what a Serbian thinks of Estonians (and Erasmus students), check it out! Additionally it should be noted that Ivan is also doing his own show on Generaadio, so here’s a shoutout to the podcast Four Ponytails of the Apocalypse!

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