Kahepaikne #16 03.04.2018

Tonight’s episode takes us to the not-so-sunny part of Southern* Europe called the Basque Country, officially the Basque Autonomous Community. The focus this time is a lot more on culture, as we talk about Basque sports, music, language (incidentally the only language in Europe nowadays not related to any other known living language), heritage, and of course what exactly constitutes a nation, as the Basque Country lies geographically in both Northern Spain and Southern France. Our tour guide on this excursion is Eneko, who lived in Tartu for almost a decade and still comes back to Estonia every now and again. We will learn what the Basques and the Estonians have in common, why there’s a street named after a Basque airplane pilot in Mustvee, what’s going on with the political situation in both the Basque Country and in Catalonia, what are pintxos (hint: a type of food), and, of course, which are the best restaurants in Estonia.

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