Kahepaikne #14 06.03.2018

Tonight we’ve got a special edition of Kahepaikne, with two guests from two very different countries, as William from England and Ammar from Pakistan share their thoughts and experiences on Estonia and Estonians. Will lived in Tartu for two years, before moving to Australia for a phd in philosophy, whilst Ammar lives in Tallinn these days, but is nonetheless a legend of Tartu, having spent a considerable amount of his five-year stay in this country right here in Tartu. It’s definitely our funniest and most relaxed episode, but still very informative as well. Some of the topics discussed in this issue were: what’s it like to live in Raatuse if you’re not an erasmus student, how does a Pakistani man come to own real estate in Räpina (and Viljandi…), what are the differences between Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and what should you NOT do with a koala.

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