Kahepaikne #13 05.12.2017

Tonight we venture into the magical world of ballet, an art form that has maintained its relevance (and indeed gone global in the meantime) in Western culture for more than half a millennium. Our guest on the show and guide on this journey is Brandon Alexander, born in Houston, Texas, but nowadays residing in Tartu and plying his trade in the Vanemuine theatre. As one walks around on the streets of Tartu, it is impossible not to notice large posters and even digital advertisements, featuring Brandon, of a new ballet by Vanemuine, „Don Juan“, in which he plays the sinister character The Devil. Brandon shared with us how this character, who was not in the original story, was created, how one gets into the world of ballet dancing, and what it means for the body and mind of the dancer. Additionally, he tells us what to eat, see, and do in Houston, and how to cope when one’s family is on a different continent.

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