Kahepaikne #3 18.07.2017

It´s time for our first female guest of the show. Lamees Abdeljalil comes from Palestine and has been living in Estonia for almost 3 years now. Her homeland is in constant conflict with Israel, but instead of seeking help herself, she has decided to work for the Estonian Refugee Council (Eesti Pagulasabi) and help others. The war between Palestinian Arabs and Jewish Israelis has been going on for more than a century and has a vague background story, that has been envenomed by political ambitions and disfigured patriotism. Lamees gives us her point of view. While supporting her family back home, Lamees shares with us the perks of her life in Tartu. She tells us about her magnificent wedding, her work within the EVS (European Volunteer Service) program and hiking adventures in the wilderness of Estonia.

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